Sound Room 7

In Sound Room 7 we displayed Ayre Acoustics and Audio Research electronics,
Magnepan Speakers, Transparent Audio cables and conditioners, and Salamander equipment racks.
We also have a picture tour link on our youtube page of Sound Room 7. Follow this link.

Sound Room 7 displayed the following equipment:

From Ayre Acoustics:
MXR Mono Amplifiers$18,500.00/pair
AX-7e Integrated Amplifier$3,950.00
From Naim Audio:
SuperNait 2 Integrated Amplifier$5,495.00
Nait XS 2 Integrated Amplifier$3,295.00
Other Items:
Salamander Chameleon Geneva 221$1,299.00
Salamander Synergy Amplifier Stands$199.00/each

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