Premium Audio Lounge

Sound Room 5 was our Premium Audio Lounge. We used this area to stage demonstrations for Sound Rooms 1, 2, and 3.
It primarily displayed gear manufactured by Aerial Acoustics, Audio Research, Ayre Acoustics, Boulder, B&W Bowers & Wilkins, Krell, Wadia, and Wilson Audio.
We also have a picture tour link on our youtube page of Sound Room 5. Follow this link.

Premium Audio Lounge displayed the following items:

Audio Equipment:
Boulder 865 Integrated Amplifier$14,000.00
Boulder 850 Mono Amplifiers$13,000.00/pair
Boulder 1021 CD Player/Processor$25,000.00
Wilson Audio Duette 2 Speakers (with stands--Macadamia finish)$23,000.00/pair
Wilson Audio Sabrina Speakers$15,900.00/pair
Wilson Audio Alexia Speakers$52,000.00/pair

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