Sound Room 1

This is one of our premier audio demonstration rooms. It features equipment produced by SME, Audio Research, Transparent Audio, Boulder, B&W Bowers & Wilkins, McIntosh Laboratory, and Wilson Audio.

Sound Room 1 is currently displaying the following items:

From Boulder Amplifiers:
1021 Compact Disc Player$25,000.00
2110 Pre Amplifier$54,000.00
2160 600 Watt Stereo Amplifier$52,000.00
From Transparent Audio:
Power Isolator 8 MM2 Power Conditioner$3,795.00
Reference MM2 SS Speaker Cable (12 foot pair)$22,320.00
Reference MM Valve Speaker Cable (12 foot pair)$22,320.00
Reference MM2 Balanced Interconnect Cables (25 foot pair)$19,685.00
Reference Reference Powerlink MM2X AC Cable$1,045.00
From Wilson Audio:
SASHA Series 2 W/P Floorstanding Speakers (Tungsten Silver)$34,950.00
Alexia Floorstanding Speakers (Topaz Metallic)$54,000.00/pair
Alexandria XLF Floorstanding Speakers (Dark Titanium)$210,000.00/pair
WATCH DOG Passive Subwoofer (Dark Titanium)$9,500.00
WATCH DOG Subwoofer Controller$4,000.00
Thor's Hammer Dual 15" Passive Subwoofer (Dark Titanium)$25,000.00
Other Items:
Grand Prix Monaco Modular 4 Shelf Isolation System$6,450.00
Grand Prix Monaco Modular Amplifier Isolation System$1,950.00/each
McIntosh Laboratory MC1.2kW Mono Amplifiers1,200 Watts Each
SME Model 10 Performance Package Turntable$8,000.00

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