Former Demo Models

Electronics and Loudspeakers

Anthem AVM 50v3D Digital Surround Processor
Naim NAC 202 Pre Amplifier
Naim NAP 200 Stereo Amplifier
Paradigm PWAMP Premium Wireless Amplifier
PMC Twenty.24 Floorstanding Speakers
Wilson Audio Duette Series 2 Speakers

Cables and Accessories

Grado Green 78 Phono Cartridge
Grand Prix Audio Monaco Equipment Stands
Salamander Designs Synergy Equipment Rack System
Transparent Audio High Performance Component Video Cable
Transparent Audio High Performance USB Cable
Transparent Audio Reference MM (MM2) Speaker Cable
Transparent Audio Reference MM Valve Speaker Cable
Transparent Audio Musiclink RCA Interconnects
Transparent Audio The Link RCA Interconnects
Transparent Audio Hardwired Speaker Cable

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