CES 2002


Meridian had a sizable display at the Las Vegas
Convention Center. They announced the new 800
Series 3 equipment. It will feature an all digital
DVD-Audio interface between a DVD player and surround
processor (for the first time on consumer electronics!).
Upgrades to earlier 800 products are availabe now.

Meridian's new 506.24 replacement, the 507 CD player
was shown as was the highly recommended 588 CD player.

A compact theater was available for viewing featuring
Meridian's new look for the DSP-5000 series speakers.
The 596 DVD player and 568 surround processor provided
the source and the digital processing.

Shown above is $125,000.00 worth of Meridian speakers!
The reference DSP-8000 digital active loudspeakers made
quite an impression with six differrent colors on display
Will the yellow one in the back match your Ferrari?

Aragon, B & W, Fujitsu, Krell, Lexicon, Linn, Magnepan, Martin Logan,
Meridian, Pioneer Elite, Rotel, Salamander Designs, Tannoy

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