CES 2002


Krell's LAT-1 Reference Floorstanding Speakers were
back on display at the show this year. Available in
black or silver, these all aluminum speakers are
available for $37,500.00/pair.

Of course if you own a set of LAT-1's, you'll need the
matching LAT-C center channel speaker. It sells for $18,500.00/each.

For those of you requiring a more "compact" speaker
system, the $10,000.00/pair LAT-2's and the $30,000.00
Master Reference Subwoofer is also available.
The LAT-2's are currently on display at Stereo Design.

Krell's newest speaker, the LAT-3 was revealed at the
show. Shown here as a horizonatal center channel
speaker, it can also be mounted vertically and sold
as a pair for $13,500.00.

One of the most surprising introductions at the
show was the new Krell Showcase Surround Processor.
It will have DTS ES, AC3, THX, as well as two 7.1
channel analog inputs. It should be available in
in May and retail in the $4,000.00 price range.

In addition to the Showcase Surround Processor,
a companion Showcase 7 Amplifier was also intro-
duced. It is a 125wpc seven channel amplifier.
It will sell for $5,500.00 but also be available in
a five channel configuration for only $4,500.00.

Krell's KAV series continues to offer improvements.
Shown in this picture from top to bottom are the 300il,
2250, DVD Standard, HTS 7.1, 3250, and Home
Theater Amplifier Standard. The HTS 7.1 will be
an improved HTS with 7.1 channel inputs AND outputs
as well as THX! It retails for $8,000.00 and is
available immediately.

Not to be outdone by the KAV series, the FPB series
will also be improved with the introduction of the
300cx, 400cx, and 700cx Stereo Amplifiers. They will
retail for $8,000.00, $10,000.00, an $14,000.00 each.
The mono block FPB amplifiers will also be upgraded.

Looking for a Reference Compact Disc Player? Here
is Krell's KPS-25sc CD Player and Pre Amplifier.
It is available for $22,500.00

Last, but not least, Krell introduced a new stereo
preamplifier. Pictured in between the 280cd and 2250,
it will be called the KAV-280p. It should be available
by June. Estimated price will be $3,000.00.

Aragon, B & W, Fujitsu, Krell, Lexicon, Linn, Magnepan, Martin Logan,
Meridian, Pioneer Elite, Rotel, Salamander Designs, Tannoy

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