CES 2002

B & W

B&W did not have a display booth at the CES show, but did
host a suite at the Mirage Hotel. Shown above are a pair of
B&W's CM series bookshelf speakers. Notice the Rotel CD player
and integrated amplifer driving the speakers!!!

Introducing the new 600 series 3 B&W Loudspeakers. Three new
bookshelf speakers will be available in the line.

Three new floorstanding speakers will also be in the series 3.
One interesting feature of these speakers is that the woofers
will be made of aluminum!

B&W also introduced several active subwoofers in Las Vegas. From left to right
are the $700 ASW 650, the $500 ASW 600, and the $350 ASW 300.
All of these subwoofers will be available shortly.

Aragon, B & W, Fujitsu, Krell, Lexicon, Linn, Magnepan, Martin Logan,
Meridian, Pioneer Elite, Rotel, Salamander Designs, Tannoy

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