CES 2001


Tannoy had a nice display at the Las Vegas Hilton Hotel. Above is a cutaway of one of Tannoy's trademark dual concentric drivers.

The Tannoy Mercury series of loudspeakers is shown above. The series includes the $200/pair MXR, $270/pair MX1, $370/pair MX2, $530/pair MX3, $730/pair MX4, and $270/each MXC. The $500 PS110 Active subwoofer is also displayed.

A step above the Mercury series is Tannoy's Revolution series speakers. The $500/pair R-1, $1000/pair R-2, $1500/pair R-3, and superb $600 RC speakers, are displayed in the above picture.

In a similar price point to the Revolution series, Tannoy also has the Saturn series. The bookshelf speakers consist of the $900/pair S-6LCR and the $1200/pair S-8LCR. The floorstanding speakers are the $1200/pair S-6, the $1500/pair S-8, and the $2100/pair S-10.

One of the most notable Tannoy models is the Tannoy Churchill. New at the show however was Tannoy's new Churchill Wideband ($20000/pair). It uses the new Tannoy Super Tweeter. The Super Tweeter is designed to extend the upper frequencies to allow for the new SACD and DVD-Audio formats to be heard in their full dynamic glory!

Coming soon is Tannoy's new Wideband series of Loudspeakers. There will be three floorstanding three way models available at $6000/pair, $8000/pair, and $10000/pair. A Subwoofer will also be included in the wideband series. All of the speakers (excluding the subwoofer!!!) will be using the Super Tweeter.

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