CES 2001


Pioneer held a huge display at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

One of the highlights of their display was the new Pioneer DV-10AX Combi Player.

The DV-10AX will play compact discs, DVD-video, DVD-audio, and SACD!!! It will also have a wonderful transport included. Expected retail price may be $5,500.00.

Pioneer also unveiled the Elite DV-38A DVD, DVD-Audio, and CD Player. It has progressive scan output for digital televisions. It will retail for @$1600.00.

The Pioneer Plasma Flat Panel Television was also displayed with the DV-38A and DV-10AX.

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Linn, Mark Levinson, Martin Logan, Meridian,
Pioneer Elite, Rotel, Tannoy,
Transparent Audio, Wadia

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