CES 2001


Meridian had a very large display at the Las Vegas Convention Center. It featured a fully enclosed theater system. Inside the theater. Meridian showcased three DSP-8000's for the front channels, DSP-5500's and DSP-6000's for the sides and rears, and of course their reference 861 surround processor and 800 reference DVD player for the source. However, the biggest surprise was Meridian's development with Snell Wilcox of a video processor that produced the best picture we have seen to date!!!

Meridian showed off a pair of their reference speakers the DSP-8000's--in yellow! They are available for @$45,000.00 a pair.

A nice deep blue color was also displayed on the DSP-8000s outside of Meridian's theater system.

Also on display was the DSP-5500HC, a horizontal version of the DSP-5500 floorstanding speakers. It retails for $6,895.00 per speaker.

On a smaller scale, Merdian also demonstrated its very popular DSP-33 digital bookshelf speakers ($4,500/pair) along with the $4,250 596 DVD player, and the $6,500 568 surround processor.

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