CES 2001

Mark Levinson

Shown above are some of Mark Levinson's reference gear. The No. 30.6 digital processor ($16,950), No. 33H mono amplifier ($9,975), and No. 31.5 transport ($9,495) are displayed in the middle. The superb No. 32 reference pre amplifier ($14,995) is shown near the bottom.

Here is Mark Levinson's brand new No. 436 350 watt mono amplifier. It sells for $5,995.00.

Mark Levinson also revealed its plans for home theater. It is developing the No. 40 Reference Digital Surround Processor/Pre Amplifier. It is expected to retail in the neighborhood of $20,000.00+.

Floor space at a premium in your theater? Try rack mounting your Levinson gear. Just make sure you reinforce your house's foundation! Note the No. 40 processor,the No. 434 ($4,195/each) and No. 436 mono amplifiers.

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