CES 2001


Linn displayed its new equipment at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

The new Ninka loudspeakers (@$1500.00/pair)are shown next to the Sizmik Subwoofer (@$1700.00/each). Both models are shown in the Maple Finish.

Also shown in the Maple finish are the very popular Linn Katan Loudspeakers (@$975/pair) along with some new Linn electronics.

Need a surround sound system? Here is Linn's AV series of electronics and speakers. The AV 5150 subwoofer on the left and AV 5140 loudspeakers on the right frame Linn's surround processor and amplifiers.

picture 5

picture 6

Aerial Acoustics, Aragon, Fujitsu, Krell,
Linn, Mark Levinson, Martin Logan, Meridian,
Pioneer Elite, Rotel, Tannoy,
Transparent Audio, Wadia

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