CES 2001


Krell unveiled the biggest surprises of the show--a redesigned KAV series of equipment AND new speakers!!!
Krell had a large static display at the Las Vegas Covention Center showcasing their new products.
They also held a nice awards dinner at the Paris Casino where we at Stereo Design were awarded
"Best Sales Growth Over Two Years" (Thanks to customers like you!!!).

Shown above (from top to bottom) is the new KAV-300iL Integrated Amplifier (@$3,250), KAV DVD Player (@$7,000), HTS/2 Surround Processor ($6,500), and KAV-200/5 Five Channel Amplifier.

Here's the NEW Krell LAT-1 Loudspeakers ($35,000/pair)!!!

Krell also announced that it will produce a matching center channel ($15,000/each), active subwoofer (@$14,500/each), and some large bookshelf speakers (@$18,500/pair), to match up with the LAT-1's in theater systems.

How about a nice system for the office? Here is Krell's "Executive System". It consists of LAT-3 bookshelf speakers (@$9,500/pair), the KAV-300rL, and KAV-280cd. (This would make a wonderful home system too!!!)

Here's a stack of Krell's Full Power Balanced Series Stereo Amplifiers. From top to bottom, the FPB-200c ($7,500), the FPB-300c ($10,000), and the massive FPB-600c ($13,500).

What better way to drive those stereo FPB amplifiers than with Krell's KPS-28sc compact disc player ($7,500) and Krell Current Tunnel preamplifer ($8,500), or a Krell KPS-25sc preamp/compact disc player ($22,500)?

San Andreas Fault not big enough for you? Try one of these--Krell's Master Reference Subwoofer ($30,000/each). This is a SERIOUS active subwoofer with dual 15" aluminum woofers powered by a FPB-650Mc at 2 ohms (=2600 Watts!!!) Check out our "Topless Models" section for a more revealing look at this seismic machine.

The biggest surprise of the show however, was not electronic in nature. Krell unveiled a martini bar made of solid ice (I think it was made with evian...)! Do NOT put your Krell products on the counter!!!

Shown above is ONE of Krell's Master Reference MONO Amplifiers ($60,000/each). All you need is four more and the Master Reference Subwoofer to power your home theater! Note the man standing to the left for a scale perspective of the amplifier's size...

And finally, here is a close up view of Krell's new HTS/2 digital surround processor ($6,500). Note the modular circuit boards intended to allow for easy upgradability. This model will soon be featured in our "Topless Models" section.

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