CES 2001

Aerial Acoustics

Aerial Acoustics New Model LR5 Cutaway, Model 10T, New Model 20T, and New Model 30T Louspeakers, all in Santos Rosewood.

Aerial Acoustics also had an active display. Shown above are the new LR5 Speakers, two SW-12 Loudspeakers, and the CC5 Center Speaker (Again in the Rosewood Finish).

Here's a close up view of the New $18,000/pair Model 20T (center) and New $30,000/pair Model 30T Loudspeaker (right). Note the New Ribbon Tweeter design!!!

Above is a cutaway of the Model LR5. Note the extremely heavy duty bracing inside which contributes to its 120 pound weight!!!

Aerial Acoustics, Aragon, Fujitsu, Krell,
Linn, Mark Levinson, Martin Logan, Meridian,
Pioneer Elite, Rotel, Tannoy,
Transparent Audio, Wadia

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